I’ve Had It With Your Outrage

Apparently Kat Von D has a makeup line. (Makes sense – girlfriend’s gorgeous, and always looks flawless.) People are mad because she launched a line of red lipsticks that included a shade called “Underage Red.” Kat responded with a post to her Facebook page. In its entirety: UNDERAGE RED. I have never expected everyone to understand or […]

The Crossroads of Respect for Personal Beliefs and Respect for Human Life

First things first: vaccinations for formerly common childhood diseases are safe and effective. This is a fact. How people feel about this fact, and what their personal values dictate they do in response to this fact, are different things; and they do not change the fact that vaccinations are safe and effective. Seriously. Personal Beliefs The […]

Your Monday Morning GIF Parade: Bah Humbug Edition

It’s almost Christmas! I’m sort of Grinchy about Christmas. I just don’t get into it. I don’t do the whole baby Jesus thing, so all that reason-for-the-season stuff is more irritating than inspiring. And since I’m not a kid myself, and don’t have kids, the whole Santa-and-presents thing just feels like a greedy grab for […]

Your Monday Morning GIF Parade: There Is Not Going To Be a Bleeped Version Edition

So, I didn’t post a GIF parade this morning. After effects of the change from Daylight Savings to Standard Time, let’s say. A few hours ago, I probably would have made a couple of snappy little jokes about it now being a Monday Evening GIF Parade (that’s it. That’s the joke), but now my mood is […]

In Which Joe Biden Thinks You’re Full of Shit, and The Overly Attached Girlfriend Wants You To Know Choice is Good

In my third year of law school, I wrote my long paper* on assisted reproductive technologies, or ARTs. Writing the paper meant researching both the science and the law surrounding the various technologies available. In it, I argued that health insurance should cover, in parity with its coverages for other conditions and procedures, all forms of […]

Your Monday Morning GIF Parade: Bar Exam Results Edition

Sometime today, the board of law examiners will post the results of the summer bar exam. This represents the culmination of well over four years’ worth of (figurative) blood, (literal) sweat, and tears. It’s kind of a big deal. The following parade of GIFs illustrates a fraction of the feelings I have in anticipation of […]

On The Meaning and Usage of the Word “Obviously:” A Slightly Unhinged Rant

Words have meanings. I know, this is a shock. “Obviously” is one of those “words” with a thing called a “meaning.” It’s meaning is this: See that? Something that is obvious is self-evident. Apparent. Unmissable. The thing is, if something is genuinely obvious, YOU DON’T NEED TO STATE IT. BECAUSE IT IS OBVIOUS. If you […]