Everything I Never Told You

Everything I Never Told You

Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You is an excavation of a family’s secrets. The concept underpinning the narrative – that each member of the family operates under a series of misunderstandings of each other’s intentions and the meaning of their life’s events that individually and collectively serve as the catalyst for further hurt and confusion […]

Invisible Man, Got The Whole World Watching

In America, black men and women have been killed with impunity by police and civilians alike for the entire history of the four centuries we’ve inhabited this continent. These deaths have always been known to and mourned by the black community, but were largely either unknown to or ignored by white America until the convergence of cell […]

The Problem With Privilege

I am white, well-educated, comfortably middle-class. This country was made by people who look like me for people who look like me. Its systems work great for people like me. It has allowed me to be upwardly mobile, to essentially live out the idealized American Dream without much more in my way than a little […]

Darren Wilson is the Hellen Keller of Racism – And He Has No Anne Sullivan

Darren Wilson is the Hellen Keller of Racism – And He Has No Anne Sullivan

The news media yesterday was filled with discussion of Jake Halpern’s excellent New Yorker piece on Darren Wilson. Many things about Wilson specifically, and policing in Ferguson generally, are striking; but what hit me the most is Wilson’s utter obtuseness, his steadfast rejection of even the smallest consideration that race could have played a role […]

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

Tolstoy tells us in the first line of Anna Karenina that all happy families are the same. I think the same is true about books, except in reverse. There are an infinite number of ways to write deeply moving, complex stories about interesting and relatable characters, and there are exactly two ways* to attempt to do […]

On The Confederate Flag; Or, God Save The South

It is not okay to revere the Confederate flag for any reason, full stop. There is no nuance to be appreciated, or perspective to be understood, or context within which it can be placed that makes honoring, respecting, or revering the flag right or good or even tolerable. After the terrorist attack at Emanuel A.M.E. […]

What’s Up With Charleston?

After the video of Walter Scott’s murder broke on Tuesday, I asked a friend who had lived in Charleston for a while for her thoughts on what happened. Her answer was so insightful and thorough that I’m going to post the whole thing here. If you have questions or comments, she’s offered to jump in […]

Fuck Da Po-lice! Or, On The Privileges Of Being Arrested While White

John Mulaney does this hilarious bit about a party he went to when he was in high school that got crashed by the cops. Listen to it; it’s funny. In the story, Mulaney goes to a kid’s house for a party, and they all get waaaaaaasssssttttttted. As a result of their rowdiness, the cops were […]