On The Docket: My Complete And Total Attention

While I usually have somewhere in the neighborhood of half a dozen books going at once, the book I’m reading now has so captured my attention that I cannot spare one brain cell for anything else. Who Fears Death, by Nnedi Okorafor: I came to this book by googling “women writers of color,” and coming […]

Here’s What I Read in 2014

I read 36 books in 2014. When I first counted it up, it seemed like a surprisingly small number to me, considering I’ve been done with all things law-school-related since August. Looking back, though, this seems about right. It’s the most I’ve read since starting law school in 2010. Here’s the breakdown: Here are my […]

On The Docket: Rosalie Wahl and North Korea (But Separately, Not Like Anna and The King, or Anything)

Welp, I (almost) finished up my whole last batch of books – all but Her Honor, which I’m taking my sweet time with. Reading about Rosalie Wahl and the First Wave Minnesotan Feminists makes me feel like a wounded Superman flying into outer space to be rejuvenated by the sun: magnificent and astonishing to behold, awesome and […]

On The Docket: Converts, Jurists, Dystopia, and Lizzie Borden, Maybe

In a previous post, I mentioned that I like to have multiple books going at once. Usually there’s a pretty steady rotation, but I finished up everything I was reading over the weekend, so I had to start a whole new slate this week. Here’s what’s up: G. Willow Wilson is the immensely talented author […]