You Can’t Touch My Hair, Or; Phoebe Explains Black Shit To White People, Hilariously

YOU GUYYYYYYSSSS. Have you been listening to 2 Dope Queens? It is the funniest goddamn thing your face ever laid ears on, and makes me grateful every day that Al Gore invented the internet so that I could have this podcast. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson have the most amazing chemistry on stage, and such […]

Your Monday Morning GIF Parade: NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA

This review of Glen Weldon’s excellent The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture will be delivered in the form of a GIF parade. The story of how I came to read this book is possibly the most meta-nerd thing that has ever happened: I listened to an NPR piece in which an […]

The Joy Luck Club; Or, Rachel Green Was Missing Out

There’s this one episode of Friends where Rachel and Monica are out having dinner, and Rachel’s trying to impress a guy. He starts talking about books, and mentions Amy Tan. Rachel perks up at this delightful coincidence, and slaps his bicep playfully, declaring, “Why, I have The Joy Luck Club sitting on my nightstand right […]

On The Confederate Flag; Or, God Save The South

It is not okay to revere the Confederate flag for any reason, full stop. There is no nuance to be appreciated, or perspective to be understood, or context within which it can be placed that makes honoring, respecting, or revering the flag right or good or even tolerable. After the terrorist attack at Emanuel A.M.E. […]

Words Mean Things; Or; Knock That Shit Off, Representative Neville

As I was driving to work last week, I heard this story on NPR. Briefly, Colorado State Representative Patrick Neville has proposed legislation that would allow those with conceal-and-carry permits to have their firearms with them inside K-12 schools, including teachers. Neville was a sophomore at Columbine when that shooting happened, and he firmly believes […]

The People’s Republic of Amnesia; Or, Louisa Lim is an Amazing Reporter

I’m an NPR nerd.* I’ve become so familiar with the reporters, that I speak their taglines with them when I’m listening to the radio in the car, and I’ve got the cadence and inflection down pretty well for a lot of them. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton gives me chills the way she says “Accra.” The way Philip […]