I Was Sexually Harassed At Work And I Regret Reporting It

In 2007, I got my very first grown up job out of college, doing administrative work for a national physicians’ membership association. (Think American Medical Association, except it wasn’t the AMA.) Like any job, it had its mix of bullshit and interesting projects. Mostly I liked it, and in particular I really loved and respected […]

Here’s To You, Ms. Jordan

In seventh grade, I had a science teacher named Ms. Jordan. Whenever students called her Mrs. Jordan, she would gently correct them – “It’s Ms. Jordan” – and then move on. We knew that she was married, because her husband was also a teacher at our school. At that time, I did not understand the […]

Dietland; Or: FUCK YES!

Dietland; Or: FUCK YES!

I cannot *begin* to express my love for the wonder that is Dietland. It is a gleeful, triumphant, satisfying FUCK YOU to all the shit that makes a woman’s life small or stifling or treacherous. It is Angela Davis’s iconic fist in the air, with a middle finger proudly raised. It is righteously noncompliant. Dietland […]

Updates: Quitting and Completing

In the last couple weeks, I’ve finished one little book and abandoned another; I’ll recap them here. After The Fall Before The Fall During The Fall is a short novel by Nancy Kress about how humans are assholes who fuck up the Earth because we’re selfish jerks with zero capacity for foresight. She’s not wrong, […]

Yellow Crocus; Or, Well, Isn’t That Nice?

I have a beef with Laila Ibrahim’s Yellow Crocus, and I can’t decide if it’s legit or if I’m being an asshole. Yellow Crocus chronicles the lives of Mattie and Lisbet. Mattie, a slave, was Lisbet’s nurse. I did enjoy Yellow Crocus…and that’s sort of my problem. It was too easy to enjoy. A narrative […]

The (Not So?) Secret History of Wonder Woman

I am into comics. I am fascinated by history. Feminism is my jam. And Jill Lepore is the Michelle Obama of historical narrative nonfiction: the motherfucking best. So when I saw that Jill Lepore was writing a book about the feminist history of the man who wrote Wonder Woman, this was pretty much my reaction: […]