Your Monday Morning GIF Parade: Bah Humbug Edition

It’s almost Christmas! I’m sort of Grinchy about Christmas. I just don’t get into it. I don’t do the whole baby Jesus thing, so all that reason-for-the-season stuff is more irritating than inspiring. And since I’m not a kid myself, and don’t have kids, the whole Santa-and-presents thing just feels like a greedy grab for […]

Additional Thoughts on The Butterfly Mosque

I took my sweet time reading The Butterfly Mosque, but finally finished a day or two ago. I’m usually a quick reader, but I took my time with Wilson’s book because I felt compelled to. The force of Wilson’s desire to facilitate a genuine understanding between impossibly different people and places in this world was […]

In Which a Mean Atheist Reads About a Nice Muslim

This is gonna be hard. Robin Williams’/Armand Goldman’s voice, saying those words, has been on a continual loop inside my brain as I’ve been reading The Butterfly Mosque. I chose to read this book mostly because I enjoy Wilson’s comics and I’m curious about what she’s written¬†about her life. But I also chose to read […]