You Can’t Touch My Hair, Or; Phoebe Explains Black Shit To White People, Hilariously

YOU GUYYYYYYSSSS. Have you been listening to 2 Dope Queens? It is the funniest goddamn thing your face ever laid ears on, and makes me grateful every day that Al Gore invented the internet so that I could have this podcast. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson have the most amazing chemistry on stage, and such […]

Angel Catbird; Or: Literally, Just Angel Catbird

Angel Catbird; Or: Literally, Just Angel Catbird

As a comic book nerd and Margaret Atwood fan, I was really excited to explore her first graphic novel, Angel Catbird. It’s great (sort of), but unfortunately doesn’t do anything to quiet the deep ambivalence present in my admiration for Atwood’s work. First, the art and layout: it is superb. The lettering (by Nate Piekos of […]

Five Days at Memorial; Or: Holy Shit, You Guys

This week we commemorated the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, but many of us may have forgotten that early September brings us the anniversary of another national tragedy. After reaching a maximum strength of a Category 5 storm, Hurricane Katrina made landfall over New Orleans as a Category 3 storm on the morning […]

Invisible Man, Got The Whole World Watching

In America, black men and women have been killed with impunity by police and civilians alike for the entire history of the four centuries we’ve inhabited this continent. These deaths have always been known to and mourned by the black community, but were largely either unknown to or ignored by white America until the convergence of cell […]

Lilith’s Brood; Or, Lol, We’re All Fucked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Any Reader can tell you that while we love and enjoy a great many books, there are a handful that change our lives. I don’t mean the superfandom of Potterheads, I’m talking about the kind of thing that makes you go vegetarian after reading My Year of Meats, or learn to re-shape your thinking around race after reading […]

The Problem With Privilege

I am white, well-educated, comfortably middle-class. This country was made by people who look like me for people who look like me. Its systems work great for people like me. It has allowed me to be upwardly mobile, to essentially live out the idealized American Dream without much more in my way than a little […]