On The Meaning and Usage of the Word “Obviously:” A Slightly Unhinged Rant

Words have meanings. I know, this is a shock. “Obviously” is one of those “words” with a thing called a “meaning.” It’s meaning is this: See that? Something that is obvious is self-evident. Apparent. Unmissable. The thing is, if something is genuinely obvious, YOU DON’T NEED TO STATE IT. BECAUSE IT IS OBVIOUS. If you […]

Ordinary Things Are Extraordinary, Except When They’re Not

Death. Death is an exceedingly ordinary event. It is a necessary part of the ecology of our planet; without it, the birth of new life would be untenable. In the aggregate, death is normal, understandable, expected, reliable, useful. At an individual level, it is the opposite of all those things. Fiercely opposite. Every person’s loss of […]

Torture Porn; or, What Happened To My Sexytime Stories?

I stated in my previous post that I would unpack some of what Gabaldon presents in Outlander. And, yowza, is there a lot to work through. The conceit of the book is that Claire, our protagonist, stumbles into a time-space rift of some sort and gets transported from mid-20th century to mid-18th century Scotland (the […]

Not With a Bang, But With, Well, a Bang*

Having read some excellent books by a variety of women lately, I wondered where to start the content of this blog. I figured it should be with something interesting, intellectual, meaty. And then I figured – nah. I mean, there’s meaty and then there’s meaty, amirite? Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander is the sort of novel I’d classify a […]