Autism, Apologies, and My, How Times Have Changed

I’m behind on all my podcasts, and just this weekend I listened to The West Wing Weekly’s discussion of The Stackhouse Filibuster (Season 2, Episode 17). It was a live show, Bradley Whitford was the guest, and it was so hilarious I was screaming with laughter. Brad reprises his pratfall in that episode (“I wore the […]

I Was Sexually Harassed At Work And I Regret Reporting It

In 2007, I got my very first grown up job out of college, doing administrative work for a national physicians’ membership association. (Think American Medical Association, except it wasn’t the AMA.) Like any job, it had its mix of bullshit and interesting projects. Mostly I liked it, and in particular I really loved and respected […]

When She Woke

When She Woke

In When She Woke, an antibiotic-resistant STD that gives men no symptoms but leaves women infertile and a nuclear terrorist attack on Los Angeles in near-future America have unleashed a social response so conservative that the United States has become a theocratic caricature of itself. Steep economic decline coupled with isolated technological advances and near-martial […]