On The Confederate Flag; Or, God Save The South

It is not okay to revere the Confederate flag for any reason, full stop. There is no nuance to be appreciated, or perspective to be understood, or context within which it can be placed that makes honoring, respecting, or revering the flag right or good or even tolerable. After the terrorist attack at Emanuel A.M.E. […]

Updates: Quitting and Completing

In the last couple weeks, I’ve finished one little book and abandoned another; I’ll recap them here. After The Fall Before The Fall During The Fall is a short novel by Nancy Kress about how humans are assholes who fuck up the Earth because we’re selfish jerks with zero capacity for foresight. She’s not wrong, […]

An Untamed State; Or, [Stunned Silence]

I have so much to say about An Untamed State, by Roxane Gay, and yet I have no words. I will try. An Untamed State is the story of Mirielle, a woman who is kidnapped for ransom and brutally, incomprehensibly, raped and tortured during her captivity. It is told from Mirielle’s first-person perspective, as she […]