Maude; Or, Superwoman In Disguise

I downloaded Maude, by Donna Mabry, on my Kindle about two years ago because it was free at the time. There was a sale, or something. And I thought, “Why not?” I was never overly interested, and it just sat there for ages. I finally got to it because I’ve read though everything else I […]

Yellow Crocus; Or, Well, Isn’t That Nice?

I have a beef with Laila Ibrahim’s Yellow Crocus, and I can’t decide if it’s legit or if I’m being an asshole. Yellow Crocus chronicles the lives of Mattie and Lisbet. Mattie, a slave, was Lisbet’s nurse. I did enjoy Yellow Crocus…and that’s sort of my problem. It was too easy to enjoy. A narrative […]

Happy Not Mother’s Day

I am not a mother. I will never be a mother. For me, this was a conscious choice and I am happy with it. For many others, motherhood status was never something entirely within their control. For some women, procreation and motherhood was thrust upon them, and for others it was ripped away. For some […]

Salvage The Bones; Or, Before Resurrection, There Is Death

I finished Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward weeks ago, but have been putting off writing about it because I haven’t known how to discuss it. I’m still not really sure. When I set out to read only women authors last September, my reasons were mostly outward-facing. I wanted to support the work of other […]