The People’s Republic of Amnesia; Or, Louisa Lim is an Amazing Reporter

I’m an NPR nerd.* I’ve become so familiar with the reporters, that I speak their taglines with them when I’m listening to the radio in the car, and I’ve got the cadence and inflection down pretty well for a lot of them. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton gives me chills the way she says “Accra.” The way Philip […]

What Dreams May Come

I am given to understand that my relationship to dreaming is a strange one. We all dream, multiple times per night, in segments lasting anywhere from 5-20 minutes. These dreams are frequently complex, featuring multiple characters, emotional, and rich (though not usually in terms of color – most people report seeing pastel tones). Often, dreams contain […]

Scent of a Man

Our human sense of smell is an extraordinary thing. A recent study indicates it may have been one of the primary evolutionary factors that allowed our ancient mammalian ancestors to begin to expand out from under the shadow of the dinosaurs. Smell is a “direct sense,” meaning that the information about the environment received through […]