Facing The Uncomfortable Reality That I Am Part of Rape Culture, Too

When all this Bill Cosby shit started¬†really hitting the fan last week, I ignored it. Not the way a person ignores 99.99% of the stimulus encountered over the course of a day, because that’s how our brains make sense of the world, but in the way a person looks at her ringing cell phone, sees […]

UPDATED: Thoughts on Suki Kim and North Korea

First things first; I enjoyed Suki Kim’s memoir about her months teaching in North Korea, and would freely recommend the book to anyone interested in journalism, closed societies, East Asia, the Korean War, memoirs, missionaries, or the social sciences. Kim’s memoir is remarkable in large part because of the tone in which she writes. It […]

W. Poisoned My Well of Patriotism; or, Personal Thoughts on Veteran’s Day

I used to have very uncomplicated feelings about veterans and members of our armed forces (you’re only a veteran once you’re out/retired/not in active service anymore, right?). They were very motherhood-and-apple-pie and could fairly accurately be summed up thusly: “Yay! Thanks, you guys! You’re super swell!” Everything that happened after, say, January-ish 2002, ruined all […]