On The Docket: Rosalie Wahl and North Korea (But Separately, Not Like Anna and The King, or Anything)

Welp, I (almost) finished up my whole last batch of books – all but Her Honor, which I’m taking my sweet time with. Reading about Rosalie Wahl and the First Wave Minnesotan Feminists makes me feel like a wounded Superman flying into outer space to be rejuvenated by the sun: magnificent and astonishing to behold, awesome and […]

That One Time I Accidentally Killed My Boss in a Job Interview

For a couple of years, I had the World’s Most Amazing Boss. She was caring and committed and fucking brilliant. She believed in me and helped me grow personally and professionally. I always appreciated reporting to her, but once things at the company changed and I had to report to someone else, I really appreciated her. In […]

RBG Comes to Town; Or, The Best Motherf*ucking Day of My Life

They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes, because you’ll only be disappointed. And they’d be right, unless your hero is the Notorious RBG. Let me tell you about, literally, the best day of my life. It started the day before. The Other Law Clerk in the law office where I was working at the time […]

Additional Thoughts on The Butterfly Mosque

I took my sweet time reading The Butterfly Mosque, but finally finished a day or two ago. I’m usually a quick reader, but I took my time with Wilson’s book because I felt compelled to. The force of Wilson’s desire to facilitate a genuine understanding between impossibly different people and places in this world was […]

In Which Joe Biden Thinks You’re Full of Shit, and The Overly Attached Girlfriend Wants You To Know Choice is Good

In my third year of law school, I wrote my long paper* on assisted reproductive technologies, or ARTs. Writing the paper meant researching both the science and the law surrounding the various technologies available. In it, I argued that health insurance should cover, in parity with its coverages for other conditions and procedures, all forms of […]

UPDATED: Feminism Confidential: Amal Clooney Gives Me An Enormous Sad

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney got married about a month ago. By all reports, they love each other, and they had a pretty wedding, etc. How nice! I am genuinely happy for them. After the wedding, when Alamuddin returned to work, she changed her name to Clooney with approximately zero fanfare. Girlfriend just updated the bio […]