Fangirl; Or: [FANGIRLING]

Attachments made me fall in love with Rainbow Rowell, and Fangirl has made me love her even more. Plus, more amazing fan art!! (Check out Simini Blocker’s tumblr for more awesome art – Rainbow Rowell-themed and otherwise.) While Attachments was your standard meet-cute, Fangirl is your standard coming-of-age + blossoming romance. And what I mean […]

Story Time With Artie Shaw; Or: Don’t Quit Your Night Job

Story Time With Artie Shaw; Or: Don’t Quit Your Night Job

My exposure to swing jazz is limited to the phase I went through in high school of acquiring discount CDs of mostly white band leaders and their safest, poppiest hits badly converted from the original analog recordings to cheap digital ones after seeing Swing Kids and developing rotating crushes on Robert Sean Leonard and Christian […]

Boom, Bitch, Byeee! Books Amy Didn’t Finish, As Reviewed By Titus Andromedon

Ugh, reading, amirite? Sooo much effort, and so little attention on me! Where it should be! Kimmy keeps telling me I should “improve” myself, or whatever, so I *have* been reading, believe it or not. These books, though, ugh. I just could NOT with them. I may or may not have told Kimmy I finished […]