Autism, Apologies, and My, How Times Have Changed

I’m behind on all my podcasts, and just this weekend I listened to The West Wing Weekly’s discussion of The Stackhouse Filibuster (Season 2, Episode 17). It was a live show, Bradley Whitford was the guest, and it was so hilarious I was screaming with laughter. Brad reprises his pratfall in that episode (“I wore the […]

Thoughts on Parenting From a Former Child

So, I’m reading A Trick of Light – which is terribly written, I don’t recommend it – but one paragraph has stepped off the page and smacked me across the face. The setup of the book is that the protagonist, a late-middle age wife and mother from a small town with even smaller perspective and ambitions, […]

What Dreams May Come

I am given to understand that my relationship to dreaming is a strange one. We all dream, multiple times per night, in segments lasting anywhere from 5-20 minutes. These dreams are frequently complex, featuring multiple characters, emotional, and rich (though not usually in terms of color – most people report seeing pastel tones). Often, dreams contain […]

Scent of a Man

Our human sense of smell is an extraordinary thing. A recent study indicates it may have been one of the primary evolutionary factors that allowed our ancient mammalian ancestors to begin to expand out from under the shadow of the dinosaurs. Smell is a “direct sense,” meaning that the information about the environment received through […]