I Was Sexually Harassed At Work And I Regret Reporting It

In 2007, I got my very first grown up job out of college, doing administrative work for a national physicians’ membership association. (Think American Medical Association, except it wasn’t the AMA.) Like any job, it had its mix of bullshit and interesting projects. Mostly I liked it, and in particular I really loved and respected […]

Here’s To You, Ms. Jordan

In seventh grade, I had a science teacher named Ms. Jordan. Whenever students called her Mrs. Jordan, she would gently correct them – “It’s Ms. Jordan” – and then move on. We knew that she was married, because her husband was also a teacher at our school. At that time, I did not understand the […]

Happy Not Mother’s Day

I am not a mother. I will never be a mother. For me, this was a conscious choice and I am happy with it. For many others, motherhood status was never something entirely within their control. For some women, procreation and motherhood was thrust upon them, and for others it was ripped away. For some […]

Feminism Confidential: My Tubes Are Just Fine, Thankyouverymuch

There’s this episode of Don’t Trust the B–in Apt. 23 (which you should all watch, by the way, it’s stupidly hilarious) where James is messing with June because she suddenly thinks he’s sexy. In one scene, June wakes up in the morning to James standing in her bedroom, offering her a smoothie, then ripping off his shirt […]

I’ve Had It With Your Outrage

Apparently Kat Von D has a makeup line. (Makes sense – girlfriend’s gorgeous, and always looks flawless.) People are mad because she launched a line of red lipsticks that included a shade called “Underage Red.” Kat responded with a post to her Facebook page. In its entirety: UNDERAGE RED. I have never expected everyone to understand or […]

UPDATED: Feminism Confidential: Amal Clooney Gives Me An Enormous Sad

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney got married about a month ago. By all reports, they love each other, and they had a pretty wedding, etc. How nice! I am genuinely happy for them. After the wedding, when Alamuddin returned to work, she changed her name to Clooney with approximately zero fanfare. Girlfriend just updated the bio […]