Here’s To You, Ms. Jordan

In seventh grade, I had a science teacher named Ms. Jordan. Whenever students called her Mrs. Jordan, she would gently correct them – “It’s Ms. Jordan” – and then move on. We knew that she was married, because her husband was also a teacher at our school. At that time, I did not understand the […]

Shrill; Or, [Eardrum-Shattering Squeals of Delight]

Shrill; Or, [Eardrum-Shattering Squeals of Delight]

IT’S FUCKING HERE! I have been waiting for this book to come out since the first moment I heard it might, maybe, be coming. It does not disappoint. Described alternatively as a collection of essays, or a memoir, it is both and neither. Each chapter is, in fact, an essay; a self-contained whole that could […]

Happy Not Mother’s Day

I am not a mother. I will never be a mother. For me, this was a conscious choice and I am happy with it. For many others, motherhood status was never something entirely within their control. For some women, procreation and motherhood was thrust upon them, and for others it was ripped away. For some […]

They Burned Witches in Salem Because Henry VIII REALLY Wanted to Fuck Anne Boleyn

I came up in the New History school of thought. More than one of my professors told me more than once, “I don’t care if you don’t know who was king of what when; that’s what Google is for.” (Except one prof – I was expected to know the date of the Norman invasion for […]

Facing The Uncomfortable Reality That I Am Part of Rape Culture, Too

When all this Bill Cosby shit started really hitting the fan last week, I ignored it. Not the way a person ignores 99.99% of the stimulus encountered over the course of a day, because that’s how our brains make sense of the world, but in the way a person looks at her ringing cell phone, sees […]

That One Time I Accidentally Killed My Boss in a Job Interview

For a couple of years, I had the World’s Most Amazing Boss. She was caring and committed and fucking brilliant. She believed in me and helped me grow personally and professionally. I always appreciated reporting to her, but once things at the company changed and I had to report to someone else, I really appreciated her. In […]

RBG Comes to Town; Or, The Best Motherf*ucking Day of My Life

They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes, because you’ll only be disappointed. And they’d be right, unless your hero is the Notorious RBG. Let me tell you about, literally, the best day of my life. It started the day before. The Other Law Clerk in the law office where I was working at the time […]